The nation of Stokehead was settled before recorded history by humans. Neighbouring nations are Taithchar and the halfling-settled Ceanntrea.

It’s ruled by a Queen, a genderless title. Currently ruled by Queen Kalamach, ruler for the last 130 years. Queens are gifted extraordinarily long lifespans as part of their station, and Kalamach physically looks like someone in his late fifties. A Queen’s successor is often a descendant of several generations, but in Kalamach’s case he has taken many partners (only ever one at a time) and has a large number of sires across the decades.

In the last few centuries Stokehead expanded agressively from its temperate region further south into a warmer region of both tropical forests and savanna. This has seen an aggressive expansion as well as an explosion in population, as well as enhancing its economy and adding valuable woods such as Teak and Mahogany, as well as foods such as Avocado, Eucalyptis Oil, Passion fruits, Guava and Coconuts to its exports. The colder northern territories are often known as ‘Old Stokehead’ by the aristocrats.

Population: 4202938
Capital: Steeple.
Other notable towns: Madroc Wold, Aldocar Hill, Darteryupit, Dani Upton. Ragos.


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