Ragos is the starting point of our adventure. It’s a modestly-sized city in southern Stokehead, settled in 1198.

It’s mostly famous for a locally-grown tree, whose sap has (aesthetically speaking) youth restoring abilities, commonly known as ’Ragos’s Rejuvenation’. Like all large southern Stokehead towns it has a roaring trade in teak and mahogany furniture and the woodworkers guild is a powerful force in the town.

Furthermore Ragos is renown for the Academy of Incantations, the only nearby school of arcana, where students can learn magic in exchange for community service once graduated, often in the form of protection and maintenance. This attracted more and more people to the area

Mayor Nisbet is considered by all to be a fair and just ruler of the town, with strong ties to the community.

The captain of the Guard is Captain Davros, an elf. He is a sombre man willing to forgive those for one-off minor offenses but cannot tolerate repeat offenders.

Population: 19714

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