Journey from the ashes of a fallen city

On the streets of Vizrianess

I was told to keep a record of my experiences since it would help in recollection and reflection. This seems like a good time to try it again.

Ragos, along its Academy has fallen. With the bandits running loose within its walls and none of its mages being unable to protect it we have decided to flee the city via its sewer system.

Found a few refugees along the way and decided to help them along. One of them was lost. It seemed like a long journey but we eventually reached Vizrianess. Many others have also reached the walls hoping to find sanctuary but were denied at the walls. Seemed like they would struggle under the sudden increase in population.

Spending a hard day at work to make our ends meet and not starve, we were eventually told to leave. Weird place.

Spending the next day in line we were eventually attacked at night by a group of laughing skeletons. They were eventually defeated. Further examination from an arcane perspective showed that the same necromancer produced both sets of skeletons. Their tools showed a greater age, and most likely not from Ragos. So the necromancer didn’t attack Ragos to bolster his forces.

Pleading with the guards we were let inside to help the city. It seemed that during the same night Vizrianess was also attacked by skeletons who arose from a warrior crypt inside the city, hoping to escape via the entrance we were blocking. Interesting.

The attending mage of the guard has graduated from the Academy for fifteen years and has a hobbyist interest in necromancy. His main focus was illusion magic. Probing him with questions about visiting Ragos or his actions during the night proved that he was not behind the threat.

Its a long shot but the dean of necromancy may have survived and would be capable of raising such a higher number. Searching for leads have proven difficult, and while the travel back to Ragos is possible there is no assurance of evidence moving forward.

The lack of mages, both arcane and divine, in the region is interesting. May be worth investigating.

At this stage it seems we need income otherwise our group would soon starve with little resources. However our stay in Vizrianess is going to be short as we have only shown an intent to stay as a passing traveller, not a refugee seeking sanctuary.



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